Try Buying a Child Flowers for a Birthday Gift


In today’s world, there are so many options for buying children gifts for their birthdays, here at Miss Daisy's Flowers we have a number of fresh floral arrangements perfect for a child’s birthday. These fun and festive arrangements are sure to make any child in your life smile. Some of our favorite floral arrangements for a child’s birthday are the Dog-able Basket, Honey Bee , and the Purrrfect Party Cat. These arrangements are perfect to send as a birthday gift for a child because they are cute and fun! Plus your child will wonder how we were able to get flowers to look like their favorite furry friend! imagine the look in a child's face when they are delivered an amazingly cute flower arrangement on their birthday! They will feel so special! We have many fun and exciting kid friendly floral arrangements to choose from so call us today here at Miss Daisy's Flowers the number is (352) 787-6806!

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