Thank You Gifts for Teachers to End the School Year

A good teacher inspires their student. They find satisfaction in their student’s accomplishments. A good teacher is truly irreplaceable. With the school year ending and summer approaching, consider the best thank you gifts for the teacher that has made a difference in your child’s life.

Every teacher is going to impact different students in different ways. Mrs. Bell may have not had an impact on you, but she may have had a major impact on your best friend’s life. The same goes with other teachers. In life, you are going to connect better with people who are more like you. It is a lesson for all children and adults.

Teachers are a gift for young people. You spend more of your young life with teachers than you do with anyone else. Some teachers stick with you. Their words of advice and certain lessons are carried with you for years to come. You may catch yourself quoting them to your own children.

It is important to show your children's teachers appreciation at the end of each school year, but don’t limit the appreciation to the end. They are helping raise you children to be intelligent, well-spoken human beings. There is nothing that can ever truly match the recognition they deserve. Despite that, make sure to stay involved. See how you can help with supplies, snacks or even volunteer your time to help meet their classroom’s needs.

More times than not, they are taking money out of their own pockets to provide for what their students need. The least any of us could do is reach out to help. Whomever that award-winning teacher is in your book, we have some ideas for thank you gifts that they will love.

The Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school is the building block years of your life. Everything is new- the environment, the lessons, friends... everything. Although our elementary years may be the biggest transition of any one’s young life, it is often the easiest... for the child. We all know what it is like to let go. Heartbreaking to say the least.

Parents, let’s face it. The only thing truly sentimental in the elementary school years was saying goodbye to your baby and hello to an independent little person. When that pain from this huge kick into reality passes, the “fun” begins. Although your child loves school, the newness wares off, and the morning persuasion begin.

Morning tantrums have become a ritual, because who really wants to get up in the morning... Same, kids. Same. Who knew how many times you would have to bribe your child to get dressed? You get in your daily dose of exercise simply from running across the house, coaxing your child into putting on their pants... and their shoes... and their shoes, so you both aren't late.

Where’s the warning label? No one warned you how many times you would have to clothe your 5 year old child just to get them out the door. No one warned you what driving with a screaming toddler would be like. No one warned you what it would feel like having to pry your child from your arms and into the classroom. Is there truly a strong enough warning?

Let’s face it. Elementary school teachers are basically saints, and they understand the struggle. They aren’t judging you for the rats-nest you call hair on your head or for wearing pjs to drop off. They understand that your kid’s clothes aren’t always going to match because they don’t want to where the blue shirt. They want to wear the other blue shirt. Our kids aren’t easy, and neither are we sometimes. The struggle is real, and elementary school teachers get it

What gift is truly adequate to show your child’s elementary school teacher the appreciation they deserve. A spa package or a cruise across the islands should suffice. Let’s face it, a gift card to a Target will be just fine, and it’s on budget. They’ll get what they need and possibly a coffee. They’ll enjoy the time to themselves.

The Life-Focused Teacher

We all know that one teacher. You either had one or your child is currently dealing with one. This teacher is more concerned with your life than whether homework was turned in on time. They often mean well, but they can get a little annoying. This teacher typically is big-hearted with a genuine concern for your child’s best in life. Although, sometimes... sometimes you feel a bit judged.

It is important to take the life-focused teacher for who they are. You can learn a lot from them. A nice journal set is a good, thank you gift for a life-focused teacher. A candle and spa set are another proper thank you gift. By the end of the school year, the life-focused teacher deserves to take a break and relax from life. They are always concerned for everyone else. They deserve some time to reflect.

The Coach - Teacher

They coach you through life, the classroom and on the field. The coach is the teacher who is determined both in the classroom and on the field. Their role as coach carries on with them wherever they go. In fact, Coach is their name. That is how they are referenced and will continue to be referenced for years to come.

There are a few different approaches to a thank you gifts for coach. Their thank you gift doesn’t have to be something materialistic. It could be something physical. Let’s expand.

Volunteer your time as a thank you gift for the coach. Help with some end-of-the-year cleanup. Coach will probably be in dire need of assistance organizing the sports equipment and cones. Plus, the gym, the field and the classroom may need a good sanitizing too.

The Fun Teacher

It is all fun and games when the fun teacher comes around. The most memorable times in grade school is with the select few fun teachers. Typically, their classroom is a little chaotic, but the lessons are fun. They stuck with you. Although, the lesson may have been less about the subject and more about life.

The great part of having a fun teacher is that they have a great sense of humor. An end-of-the-year, thank you gift can be as fun and goofy as you want. If you or your child know of something fun that they love, base your gift off that. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It just needs to be personal to the teacher.

The Substitute Teacher

Substitutes are often hit or miss. Many come in and out of our lives with little to no impact. However, there are some substitutes that leave some mark on your children’s life. Typically, they are the long-term subs. It could be that maybe they had to finish off the year for a teacher on maternity leave or for some other unforeseen reason they took over for a teacher who left.

These teachers deserve appreciation to. Regardless of how much time they spend with each student, they are still impacting each student. Encourage each substitute and show them the appreciation they deserve. They step up when they are needed most. That is something we should all be grateful for. They ensure that your child is never left alone.

An appropriate thank you gift for a substitute teacher varies. A generic box of chocolates or a coffee mug will be more than appropriate. They will appreciate the recognition more than you realize. Substitutes, like any other teacher, just want to know they are appreciated. Consider giving them a gift, big or small, as a thank you at the end of this school year.

The High-Energy Teacher

They might jump on a desk or start spontaneously dancing down the aisle between the chairs. The high-energy teacher keeps anyone and everyone on their toes. Forget about your child falling asleep in class. This teacher can and will do anything to keep the class awake. Maybe they are born with it; maybe it’s caffeine!

The high-energy teacher deserves a highly praised gift. The high-energy teacher could be highly stressed or highly excited for school. Either way a spa kit with some stress relief lotions are always a nice option. If you are looking for a more creative option, consider a “Poppin Basket” for a poppin’ teacher. Fill the basket with various soda (pops), suckers and other fun treats. Your high-energy teacher is bound to love it!

The Teacher with the Biggest Heart

Getting the teacher with the biggest heart a thank you gift is easy. You can’t help but love this teacher. You could literally give them anything, and you would think they got $100. All they truly want is to know is that they are making a difference. These are the teachers that invest the most love into your child. For that, they deserve all the appreciation in the world.

Personalized gifts are perfect for the teachers with the biggest hearts. It can be a personalized candle, candy or even a sign for their wall. Often, the teachers with the biggest hearts stay in their career for the longest. They collect a montage of personalized gifts that they were given from their students.

You truly can’t go wrong with any personalized calendars or monogrammed apples. They will be proudly displayed in their classroom for years to come. They will love it because when they are asked, they can tell the story of their previous students. They may even brag on your child.

THE Teacher

We all have had THE teacher. THE teacher stands out among any other teacher. They made the most impact. They contribute so much to your child’s life in some ways that you will never forget. He or she will have the long-standing title of THE favorite teacher.

THE teacher could earn THE title of favorite for various reasons, but it all boils down to one thing. They mean something to your child. They may have helped them during a pivotal time in their life, or maybe they spoke to them when no one else could. They may have just been a combination of the funny, the kind and the memorable teacher. When you think of THE teacher, who comes to mind?

Who you consider THE teacher for your child may or may not be in their mind? However, if you have a hunch of who they are, make sure to let the teacher know. Thank them at the end of this school year with something they can cherish. Give them a keepsake. A monogrammed sign for their wall or an engraved name plate for a desk accessory. It is your choice on how extravagant you want to be. It is for THE teacher. They deserve the best.

There are so many different types of teachers that cross our path in life. Some are amazing and some aren’t. Odds are more teachers will positively impact your life than not, but there are some you may wish to forget. The power behind the role of teacher is undeniable. It is important to remember that they need our support because they are there to help.

For any and all teachers, one gift is widely appreciated, a personalized Tervis mug or bottle. In the life of a teacher, it is nearly impossible to get a needed break. Tervis's have gained popularity drastically. Help their coffee to stay fresh or their ice water to stay chilled. It is so hard for them to get away from the classroom, so a Tervis really is a gem gift. Monogramming one just makes it even more special.

Our florists at Miss Daisy's in Leesburg, FL are here to help with gifts that any teacher will appreciate. It doesn’t matter if your child’s teacher is the coach both on and off the field, full of energy or driven by life. It is important to thank every teacher at the end of every school year and throughout the whole year. Finding the right gift can pose as a challenge, but the overall thought put into it is what counts. Consider the teacher you are buying for, and don't be afraid to ask what they want or need for the classroom.

School is out. Gift-giving is in!

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