Summer Sympathy Flowers


Loosing someone is hard, but it gives us the opportunity to celebrate our loved one’s life. In moments of grief 1-800-Flowers | Darrell's Flowers in Tuscon, AZ is here to help you remember the happy memories you shared with them. When choosing what flowers to send to the funeral home, remember you can always ask us for unique funeral flowers. Here are some ideas of bright and beautiful unique funereal flower arrangements.

Unique Flowers

Consider getting a standing wreath that contains their favorite flowers. By including their favorite flowers at their funeral, you will be able to celebrate their spirit. If they enjoyed sunflowers, consider the Sunflower and Rose Standing Spray. Your loved ones’ funeral is the time to remember what they enjoyed by including their unique funeral flowers!

Unique Shape

Standing wreaths don’t have to have the traditional circle form. To represent the love you have for the ones that have passed away, you can always purchase a wreath in the shape of a heart. Yellow & White Standing Open Heart is a beautiful example of unique funeral flowers to decorate the funeral home!

This summer celebrate the lives of those that have passed away by getting some unique funeral flowers. If you have any questions regarding how to make your loved one’s funeral ceremony unique and special, 1-800-Flowers | Darrell's Flowers in Tuscon, AZ is here to help you! We want to guide you in these hard moments and remind you of the happiness that flowers can bring!

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