DIY Newborn Photoshoot Ideas


Having a baby is a joyous occasion and at Miss Daisy's Flowers & Gifts in Leesburg, FL we love to help celebrate the arrival of your new baby with a beautiful bouquet. Because flowers are a traditional gift to welcome the birth of your newest bundle of joy, you’re likely to receive a lot of beautiful flower arrangements. At Miss Daisy's Flowers & Gifts, we’ve come up with a fun idea for repurposing your beautiful flower arrangements: a DIY newborn photoshoot!



When doing your own newborn photoshoot, you want to choose a place that has a lot of natural light. Great lighting will make your pictures look more professional as well as help create a great back ground.

Choose some props:

Luckily newborn photography doesn’t require many (if any!) props, but you can DIY a background that is so adorable using some of the flower arrangements you may have received congratulating your new arrival. Our Sweet Baby Boy and Sweet Baby Girl flower arrangements are perfect to repurpose for a newborn photo shoot! With beautiful roses, daisies and carnations in either shades of sweet baby blue or perfectly pretty pink, these arrangements offer a lot of interesting texture and color – perfect for a photo shoot! If you want to go a less traditional route, our Vibrant Floral Medley has bright and vibrant roses, carnations and delphinium in gorgeous red, orange, yellow green lavender and blue! You can grab a basket, fill it with white sheets, and place flowers around the edge of the basket. Voila! A beautiful professional looking background that was both handmade and super affordable.


If you use your iPhone (which has a pretty decent camera) to take your newborn photos, you can also download photo editing and printing apps directly to your phone! This is the final touch on any photoshoot and are needed to adjust lighting, add effects, and crop the image to your liking. Then you can send the photo to your desired photo printer!

Miss Daisy's Flowers & Gifts would love to see your DIY newborn photoshoot, celebrating new life is always so exciting. If you’re looking to send the perfect gift to someone expecting a little bundle of joy please visit our website or call us today!

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