Celebrate your Best Friend


They are your partner in crime, your best friend and your go-to. During life's craziness, take time to enjoy the people that matter. Whether it is your best friend or your sister, August is the month to show them your appreciation. August 5th is Friendship Day and National Sister's Day. Let our professionals at Miss Daisy's in Leesburg, FL, help you celebrate.

Our Sunburst Flower Bouquet is a sure-fire way to celebrate! The raging orange Asiatic Lilies and bold yellow Sunflowers reflect August like water reflects the sun. The colors become bolder, and the ambiance is warm. Celebrate your best friend and sister this August 5th with a sunny bouquet.

Celebrate your sister this August with something that is special for her. Set aside a day to enjoy each other's company. Go bowling or plan a lunch. Enjoy the time together that is so rare. Life gets busy. Responsibilities often take over. Take some time this Sister's Day to celebrate the woman who has always been there. She deserves it.

Celebrate that best friend that has become a sister this August. It is one thing to have a family member be a friend. When a best friend becomes family, you have someone special in life. You can't choose who you are born to, but you can choose to let your best friend become family. Regardless if they live close or far away, show your best friend that has become a sister that you appreciate her this August. We'll create flowers that she'll love.

It's your best friend. It's your sister. No matter who they are to you, they are important and deserved to be celebrated. This Friendship Day and National Sister's Day, plan something fun or send something sweet. Nothing says I love and appreciate you like beautiful flowers. Our florists at Miss Daisy's in Leesburg, FL, are here to help.

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