Bring Fall In With Indoor Plants


You are moving to a new house and have started to decorate but after some consideration, it still lacks some life. What do you do? Get some indoor plats! They come in all shapes and sizes. Out there is an indoor plant perfect for your home. Here are some indoor plant ideas to inspire your seasonal decoration!

Flower arraignments with green indoor plants are very trendy right now. Our florists at Miss Daisy's in Leesburg, FL are here to help you find the perfect flower arrangement with indoor plants. If you looking for an center piece arrangement consider the European Dish Garden/Classic Dish Garden . A dish garden is a beautiful way to display your indoor plants.

Succulents are hardy plants that will bring life to your home! The most important thing about succulents is light! Light in abundance is good for them but keep in mind direct sun light can burn them. Another tip to keep these indoor plants alive do not overwater them!

Bamboo plants are not only elegant and modern, but they are also known for bringing good luck! You will have to change the water of this indoor plant weekly to help the thrive. Make sure they receive indirect sunlight or else their leave will turn yellow and fall off. This amazing indoor plant will help your home decor come alive!

Indoor plants are not only trendy and beautiful, but they are good for your health! If you need any help finding indoor plants our florist at Miss Daisy's in Leesburg, FL are here to help you! Have fun decorating your home this season and remember to add some life with some indoor plants!

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