Best DIY Easter Baskets for Adults

In what feels like a minute, everything changes. Life speeds up and every little thing that has been hidden from your view is revealed in an instance. The transition into adulthood isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean all nostalgic moments should be thrown out of the window. It is in times like the holidays where growing up seems overrated.

This Easter, take a ride on wild side with some fun DIY Easter Basket ideas for adults. When considering Easter gifts, don’t jump to conclusions. Adults like Easter baskets to. If you are thinking about sharing the love this Easter, think of incorporating a little bit of Easter into your parent’s, your friends’ or even your spouse's Easter with an Easter basket that reflects their personality.

Let’s face it. Our age only comes to mind when we pass by a mirror. Our mind is still thriving on the same things it always has. Everything that inspired our dreams growing up is still inspiring them now. We may just not want to admit it. The main priority for Easter is to ensure the Easter bunny gets everything right. There is nothing more special than seeing the light radiating off a child’s smile or the glow of cheer in their eyes on Easter morning.

However, that doesn’t mean the adults should leave Easter dinner empty handed. Surprise a loved one you haven’t seen in a while or make your parent’s day. Easter is about so much more than gifts, but that doesn’t stop the cheer that you feel when you find the perfect present. It is especially fun when you get creative with it.

This one is for the Ladies.

For that beauty-driven lady in your life, consider a beauty basket. Make –up the basket with every YouTube beauty’s essentials. An eyeshadow palette is a must. It adds some color into the recipient’s life. They choose to live life embracing beauty and defining it for themselves. Help contribute to their beauty regimen obsession.

Lipsticks, highlighters and mascaras are great touches. Hair pieces and bandanas add something personal to the mix. Consider the recipient's style and go from there. Face masks will be one-way to help add something fresh and new into their life. Beauty sponges, Elf products and cotton swabs are all inexpensive fillers. Use a makeup bag or organizer as the basket.

The YouTube beauty basket will have the recipient feeling like she is ready to take on the YouTube and social media world with the right look. It is a practical Easter basket for adults and can be customized for the lady in your life. They can use it long after the holiday, and it will show her that she is always on your mind.

There is nobody like a home-body.

For those stay at home moms or those homebodies at heart, a relax at home basket is one sure-fire hit for a DIY Easter basket for adults. A relax at home basket can be personalized to fit the recipient. A fuzzy blanket, warm socks and slippers are all great places to start. Throw in a book from their favorite genre, and you are bound to win Easter basket of the year!.

Journals are another great add on for those relax at home baskets. With differing personalities, there are different approaches to gift giving. Consider the recipient’s personality. Are they introverted with a tendency to curl up on the couch for the weekend? If so, this is their ideal Easter basket. A woven basket is a great container for it all. They can use it long past Easter.

Cozy up this Easter to the people you care about. The relax at home basket is one of the most versatile Easter baskets. It’s homey and practical for any adult’s Easter baskets. Personalize it with some coffee mugs or their favorite at-home snacks. The options are near endless, but the probability that the recipient will love their basket is guaranteed.

Man- You are hard to shop for.

It could be debated that men are the hardest people to shop for. Why debate it? We all know. Whether it is your dad or your Great-Uncle Jo, buying them gifts is a daunting task. You can only buy so many ties, socks and tool kits. Buying them gifts are hard enough. Buying them something they will genuinely like, seems impossible because they’ll never tell you what they want.

It is important to approach their Easter basket with a game plan. Consider a man cave basket. If he is a sports fan, run with that. Collect some sports memorabilia supporting his favorite team(s). Get anything from koozies, a Tervis or a sign for his man cave decked out in his favorite team’s logo.

His favorite beers, junk food and even a pocket knife are great fillers. The man cave basket is an ideal Easter gift for adults because it contains everything the men in your life will love. Customize it to fit the personality of the man receiving it.

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to let go of all the dreams and ambitions from your childhood. Who says you need to grow up? There are some things that we should never let go of- hopes, dreams and ambitions to name a few. There is nothing wrong with spreading some pixie dust into your adult life. Giving a DIY Easter basket for adults is just one way of doing it for someone else. They may not admit it, but they need it. Everyone needs some child-like faith in their life.

Our florists at Miss Daisy's Flowers & Gifts in Leesburg, FL, are here to help add whatever unique touch you need to make a DIY Easter basket for adults perfect. Easter is a holiday that celebrates new beginnings. Celebrate it big by surprising the adults you care about. Making sure every kid has a good Easter is a priority. Sharing that joy with other adults is an opportunity to make someone’s day better.

You are never too old to receive an Easter basket. The contents just change. Frankly, creating a DIY Easter basket for adults is a lot of fun. They can be as innocent or fun as you want. If it is for a best friend, consider adding some touches that they’ll love. The options are up to you. The choice to make someone’s Easter a little more eventful is always a good one.

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